Embodied Cognition Lab, Department of Cognitive Science, UC San Diego

La Jolla, CA


"The Embodied Cognition Lab investigates cognition from the perspective of the embodied mind. We are particularly interested in high-level cognitive phenomena such as conceptual systems, abstraction, and inference mechanisms, as they manifest themselves naturally through largely unconscious bodily/mental activity (e.g., gesture production co-produced with conceptual metaphors and blends). The multidisciplinary interests bring us to address these issues from various interrelated perspectives: mathematical cognition, the empirical study of spontaneous gestures, cognitive linguistics, psychological experiments, neuroimaging, and cross-cultural field research in geographically isolated regions."

                                                                                                                  -- Source: Embodied Cognition Lab


StepMATH Sequence1.jpg

Under Rafael Núñez and the mentorship of a PhD candidate, my research explores number-space association within mathematical cognition. Previous research shows that humans mentally represent numbers linearly (large positive numbers more right and large negative numbers more left). From this notion, we became interested in seeing if this number-space tendency crosses to a humans sagittal axis. More so, to discover if we have a embodied inclination to go forward for greater-than numbers as opposed to moving forward for less-than numbers. Within this project I have helped design experiments, extract data, and analyze its results.  I have run over 130 participants over a series of 3 experiments. We are currently undergoing the 4th iteration of this study.

I also helped out with other experiments within the lab: video ethnography, photo coding, surveys, participant scheduling and organization, rapid communication between researcher and RA's, and presentation of experiment with findings.

Paper is currently under conference review and is coming soon.