Profesor Jim Levin, Cognitive Development & Interactive Computing Environments, Educational Studies, UC San Diego

“Learning and development considered as an evolving interplay between “internal representations” and “external representations” of the world, with special attention devoted to the design, history, and educational implications of computer-based tools and learning environments.”

                                                                                                                                                            -- Source: EDS 114 

The internet has had a rapid, continuing influence in how knowledge work is done today. Online education enables students to have an affordable, diverse learning experience with the benefit of flexible delivery.  


I am interested in the progressive movement of online learning.  Currently, I am curious as to how students interact with their online learning environments.  Similar to my independent research (reinstating context - that explores what review methods are best suited for online learning) I want to better understand what are the current methods students are using to review their pervious work and how students prepare for new lectures, quizzes, and assignments. Approximately 8 local MOOC participants have been observed and interviewed. In addition, a survey study was distributed through 6 Coursera courses discussion forums.  These surveys explores students online course taking strategies will help contribute to the recent genre of 'online learning' literature as pertains to learning and review methods.  

Click here for full paper: Restarting Online Coursework: Exploring Current Reinstatement Methods in a Distributed Workspace.



Other projects in this course include participation in a class paper, “Students perspectives on learning in an increasingly online age: A 2020 Vision for UCSD”. This project contains recommendations for our own UCSD campus to take in regards to online learning. My personal contributions include what should happen to learning by 2020 and what action should be taken to move toward these desirable goals.  

Click Here for full PDF: Student-centered perspectives on learning in an increasingly online age: A 2020 Vision for UC San Diego